About Timsfield

Timsfield takes its name from Noema Capell better known as 'Tim'.

Lake Hawea

The Capell family were pioneers in the  Lake Hawea area. Tim’s father Claude, was responsible for subdividing the first sections in Lake Hawea and had a major influence on the establishment of the township. The streets of Hawea reflect this, with names such as “Flora Dora Parade” - named after the house keeper at Lake House , “Noema Terrace” - named after Tim, Myra Street – named after Tim’s sister,  and of course there’s “Capell Ave”.

Tim and his wife Edna were married in 1940 and in 1950 took over the ‘Lake House’ hunting and fishing lodge established by Claude on the site of the existing Hawea Hotel. Business was tough in those days and Tim would often work as a rabbiter and station cook in the district, sending money back to Edna who stayed home to run the business. Tim also started a taxi and school bus service. When he lost a winter’s rabbiting income through an accident, the bills mounted up and times were tough. However some of the community rallied to help – their kindness never forgotten by Tim and Edna.

Auction Notice from 1969

Auction Notice from 1969

Originally the Capells farmed Timsfield and in 1953 part of Timsfield also became a Ministry of Works village whilst the Hawea Dam was being constructed. Timsfield housed families and workers and included everything from a community hall to many houses. Most of the houses were then transported to the McKenzie Country Dam projects after the Hawea Dam was complete but some remain today. The influx of workers to the area encouraged Tim and Edna to apply for a hotel license. On 1 July 1954 Hotel Capell was ready for business following the addition of a bar, lounge bar, and upgraded accommodation.

A third generation of Capell’s, Kevin and his sister Christine also lived on Timsfield. Kevin, who as a youngster watched the giant earthmoving machines construct the Dam, eventually established an earthmoving contracting business based at Timsfield.  Christine was very active in the local community and also became fire chief for the local volunteer fire brigade.

Willowridge Developments Limited purchased the Timsfield Farm in 2004 from Kevin’s mother Edna. Edna explained to Willowridge Director Allan Dippie that “Timsfield should become a subdivision with a strong community feel to it and offer an affordable alternative to families in the Upper Clutha.” It should also contain a large sports field and recreation area and as future stages of Timsfield progress this will be established.

The Capell family connection with Timsfield continues with Edna Capell carrying on the tradition of naming the streets in the subdivision, and Kevin Capell is the Project Manager for Timsfield and is responsible for the construction of the subdivision.


Philosophy of Timsfield

Willowridge had a vision to create a community that can enjoy the special qualities that a country township such as Hawea has to offer:

Lake Hawea» A community that offers affordable options for first home buyers and families.

» A community that is enjoyable to live within and as part of... a friendly community with old fashioned values in mind.

» A community where you know your neighbours and your neighbours look out for you.

Timsfield has been carefully designed as a high quality residential subdivision along a traditional village township theme. There are wide, safe, well lit tree lined streets and avenues with cobblestone footpaths.

The subdivision is fully serviced with town water, electricity, telecommunications and town sewage to all sites.

The generous dimensions and shape of the sections (all over 800m2), along with predominantly flat sites allow for easy cost effective building... a single storey home is more economical to build and single storey homes suit good sized sections of generous dimensions.

Timsfield is all about family homes in a country atmosphere, not units or apartments or multi storey buildings.

Timsfield is a large development and will be extended over the years to include such things as sports fields and maybe small businesses such as cafes and dairies.

Willowridge has developed other subdivisions in the Central Otago area that are also rated extremely highly. For example there is the extremely popular Sunderland Estate in Clyde, and the extremely successful Meadowstone development in Wanaka. Timsfield will be built to the same high standards yet will be affordable and offer excellent value for money!